Every year, as Valentine's Day approaches, the topic of love is everywhere we look. However, the love the world shows us is much different than the love the Bible tells us about... a love that is patient and kind, selfless and enduring, unconditional and powerful.  In this series, we are doing an in-depth study of 1 Corinthians 13 and examining what God's love for us looks like, culminating in His act of sending His Son to save us. As we better understand the Father's love for us, we are able to better demonstrate His love toward others.

Part 10: Real Love Will Remain  l  Pastor Billy

Part 9: More  l  Pastor Jeremy

Part 8: Perfect Love  l  Pastor Jim

Part 6: Grown Up Love  l  Pastor Billy

Part 4: What Love Is... Not  l  Pastor Jeremy

Part 2: Patient and Kind  l  Pastor Ken

Part 7: Love Lasts Forever  l  Pastor Ken

Part 5: How to Win at Love  l  Pastor Ken

Part 3: Love's Promise  l  Pastor Jim

Part 1: Why Is Love So Hard?  l  Pastor Ken