During the COVID-19 pandemic, there is one thing that became abundantly clear to the church, and that is that the building does not make up God's church... the people do. In this series, we dive in to the book of Acts and discuss how the early church thrived in spite of the challenges it was facing and how we can do the same!

Part 11: Lessons from Lystra  l  Pastor Jeremy

Part 10: Reawakening Our Hunger  l  Pastor Ken

Part 9: Get On Your Feet  l  Pastor Ken

Part 7: Have You Been Drinking?  l  Pastor Ken

Part 8: Get Up and Get Going  l  Pastor Ken

Part 6: It's Alive  l  Pastor Ken

Part 5: Navigating in Uncertain Times  l  Pastor Ken

Part 3: The Holy Spirit and You  l  Pastor Jeremy

Part 1: The Church Imagined  l  Pastor Jim

Part 4: What To Do In Tough Times  l  Pastor Ken

Part 2: What if God Had Control?  l  Pastor Jeremy